Thomas Heiling

Owner and managing director:


Our company, Heiling’s gestronomy, is dedicated to providing a modern, high-quality cuisine where fresh, regional products are used. An expert preparation of the meals and seeing to the wishes of our guests has foremost priority – without compromises.
The press writes that ‘regional is the new organic’ and this is exactly what we offer our customers.
We are certified by „Taste the South” and have been awarded with “3 Lions”. The number of “lions” corresponds to the number of meals that are created from regional products. “3 Lions” is the highest award possible which conveys that 90% of all our dishes are made of regional products, also awarded by “House of the Baden-Württemberg wines” and certified by “ServiceQualität Deutschland”.
My warmest „willkommen“ to you,
Thomas Heiling


Heiling’s gastronomy commits itself ...


... to take on responsibility regarding our environment with the intention of offering an outstanding standard of taste, freshness and healthy quality – by means of a creative and natural Swabian cuisine according to “Taste the South” and the Eurotoque philosophy.


... to use only fresh products of high quality, seasonal and mainly regional, and combine the carefully chosen ingredients to a unique composition and presentation.


... to stay „young“ as a company, always open to unconventional ideas, and to make sure that all aspirations are matched by the actual performance.


... to enable every member of the team personal development and vocational training. Our guests as well as the company itself expect friendliness, flexibility, commitment and expert knowledge that has to be constantly updated.


... to focus on the wellbeing of our guests. The priority for all members of the team is to be a friendly and welcoming host.


... to develop business objectives involving all employees and work together in obtaining them. The staff should feel comfortable, be able to develop their own personality and grow with their responsibility.


... to make the running of the business a profitable endeavor. Generated profit should keep the business from financial dependency, guarantee our employees’ jobs, create new jobs and apprenticeship places and secure the company’s success in the long run.


... to run our company honestly, dependably and upright. This applies not only to our employees but also and especially to our suppliers, business partners and to business networks our company or management is connected to.

Awards and certificates

Fresh, local produce

... local ingredients from Baden-Württemberg ...

Appointed EUROTOQUES-CHEF since 2002

... for outstanding regional wine expertise ...

Fresh, local produce and quality preparation

Code of honor of the Heckengäu.chefs

Code of honor of the Schönbuch.chefs

... venison from the local area

Seeing to the guests' wishes

... most welcoming team ...

Thomas Heiling, quality coach for "ServiceQualität Deutschland"

Quality coaches for "ServiceQualität Deutschland" are: 
Tanja Heiling
Marisa Hopp